Photo ID Amendment Would Restrict Voting Rights


It may seem like a simple thing, requiring Minnesotans to show their photo ID before they vote. As a matter of fact, some of your friends, neighbors and some of your fellow union members still think it is. You might even think it makes sense.

But the Laborers District Council of MN & ND officially opposes the so-called Photo ID Constitutional Amendment. We are asking our members to watch this new video . The voter restriction amendment is far from simple and that is why we oppose it. As a matter of fact, the legislature made it very complicated. It will cost millions to implement; millions better spent on creating jobs for hardworking Laborers. It also ends Minnesota’s 40-year tradition of Election Day registration.

The voter restriction amendment being considered here is the most restrictive in the country, placing hurdles between the ballot box and Minnesotans serving in the military, seniors and young voters, including some of our union retirees.

It’s far from simple, and it’s wrong for Minnesota. Watch this powerful video, “A Simple Thing,” right now. 

After you take a few short minutes to watch, please pledge to vote NO, and share the with your friends and family. And, please continue to have conversations about why the voter restriction amendment is far from simple.

With your help, we can defeat this harmful amendment. Connect with Our Vote Our Future, the official campaign to defeat voter restriction in Minnesota on Facebook and Twitter.


9th Annual Laborers' Ride for Charity

For the ninth year, the Laborers District Council of MN & ND, Laborers Local #563, Laborers Local #132, the Laborers Training Center and LECET-Minnesota are sposoring the Minnesota Laborers Ride for Charity to benefit and Ronald McDonald House. The ride will take place on Saturday, August 18, 2012 with registration taking place from 8:00-9:30 am at the Laborers Training Center in Lino Lakes, MN. There will be a barbecue and raffle for participants following the ride. 

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Laborers Local #563 Members Lend a Hand on Playground Project

UPDATE! Check out this cool video of the project.


After a victorious stadium battle, members of three union organizations combine efforts with the Minnesota Vikings to assist a school with needs.

push a 
goal line, 

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Laborers Mobilize to Fight so called "Right to Work" Amendment

Over the past weeks, Laborers in Minnesota have been mobilizing in recod numbers to fight back against the unfair, unsafe and unnecessary "right to work" amendment being proposed at the Legislature in Saint Paul. For now, check out this video we produced showing our members at the Capitol, talking to their legislators but how "right to work" would devastate our unions and our communities.

After watching the video, click here to send your legislator a letter asking them to vote "NO" on a "right to work" constitutional amendment.

Then return to this website for more information and ways you can get involved.



So called "Right-to-Work" Amendment is Unfair, Unsafe & Unnecessary

The same corporate CEOs who have taken away collective bargaining rights in other states are pushing a constitutional amendment here in Minnesota that if passed would weaken our rights and lower our wages and benefits and threaten our pensions.

We have negotiated in good faith with our signatory contractors and made sacrifices to help us all weather these tough economic times.  Despite our sacrifice, corporate CEOs and the politicians they helped elect are pushing a so-called “right to work” law in Minnesota that would result in even more concessions from struggling working families in our state. That’s wrong.

Plain and simple, right to work is unfair, unsafe and unnecessary.

  • UNFAIR: Right to work is UNFAIR because it not only allows those who don’t pay their fair share to benefit at their co-worker’s expense, but it also further tilts the balance in favor of corporate CEOs and the 1%. 
  • UNSAFE: Right to work is UNSAFE because it weakens workers’ voice on the jobsite meaning more workplace deaths. And it means that nurses, firefighters, police officers and construction workers can’t negotiate for things that keep us all safe like life-saving emergency equipment, quick emergency response times, adequate safety training and good materials.
  • UNNECESSARY: Right to work in UNNECESSARY because Minnesota already has a great quality of life – not only does RTW not improve it, it actually puts it at risk.“

Minnesota Laborers are leading the fight against the "Right to Work" amendment. To get involved, click here and sign up to fight back, and watch this website for continued updates on this fight.


Laborers Set Legislative Priorities for 2012 Session

Some rights reserved by TBoardThe Laborers District Council of Minnesota & North Dakota (LDC of MN & ND) has released its legislative priorities for the 2012 session of the Minnesota legislature. "This will be a critical session for Laborers," said Todd Pufahl, Legislative Director for the LDC of MN & ND. "As the economy slowly recovers from the Great Recession, we need the legislature to be laser focused on creating jobs for Minnesota's critically depressed construction industry."

"Our members are ready to fight back against a corporate agenda that cuts the taxes of millionaires while kicking hard working families off unemployment and trying to steal their unions," said Russell Hess, Political Organizer for LDC of MN & ND. Support of rank and file members will be the key to achieving these priorities. We need all of our members to first, sign up to our E-Activist List and then to respond when your union calls to take part in any needed actions. The job you save may be your own.

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Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis touts American Jobs Act with Laborers Members

On a windy Thursday afternoon, Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis visited construction workers and business leaders at the 10th Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis to discuss the American Jobs Act’s impact for Minnesota’s economy and the state’s workers. Also speaking at the event were Congresswoman Betty McCollum, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and Kaylon Ashford, a young worker training for a job in construction.

The American Jobs Act will invest more than $600 million in the North Star State to fund highway and transit modernization projects — which could put roughly 7,500 Minnesotans back to work modernizing roads and bridges. In 2007, there were 116,000 people employed by Minnesota’s construction sector. Today, that number is down to 86,300.

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Impact of Construction Jobs in Minnesota

Policymakers need to start finding a way to get our economy moving again. The construction industry presents, in the words of corporate America, a large ROI (return-on-investment). Putting construction workers to work stimulates the economy not only by injecting wages into it and thereby increasing consumer demand, but it eases the burden on social welfare and unemployment systems.

To see the economic impact of the consrtruction industry, lets look at some facts. 

  • In July 2011, construction employment in Minnesota totaled 83,800 people, decreases of 3% from July 2010 and 37% from February 2006 when the industry peaked in Minnesota.
  • In 2010, the average pay for a Minnesota construction worker was $51,740; 10% more than all private sector employees in the state.
  • Minnesota had 16,900 construction firms in 2009, of which 95% had fewer than 20 employees. 
  • An additional $1 Billion in nonresidential construction spending would add $3.4 Billion to GDP, $1.1 Billion to personal earnings and create or sustain 28,500 jobs
    • 9,700 on site construction jobs
    • 4,600 indirect jobs from supplying construction materials and services
    • 14,300 induced jobs, created from construction workers nd suppliers spending their incomes

If politicians truly care about Minnesota's and America's small businesses and working families, stimulating the construction industry is a great way to start showing it, since the vast majority of construction firms in Minnesota and the United States are small businesses.

Statistics from: "The Economic Impact of Constructionin the Unites States and Minnesota," published by the AGC of America.


Build Minnesota so Minnesota Works Rally Update!

The Build Minnesota so Minnesota Works Rally was a great success. About 500 people gathered on the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. With construction work on the Corps of Engineers Lock and Dam just down river, in view of the site of I-35W bridge collapse tragedy and standing on a former railroad bridge that had been converted to a pedestrian crossing, the setting was perfect to talk about putting people back to work by harnessing America's creativity to build a 21st Century Transportation system. We have linked below some pictures and video of the event. Thanks to everyone who attended. Stay tuned for more on how to help us create more family supporting jobs Building Minnesota.

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Stop Congress From Destroying More Construction Jobs

This week, members of LIUNA – the Laborers’ International Union of North America – begin fighting job-killing cuts in transportation investment proposed by House Republican leaders while also pressuring lawmakers to pass a Senate proposal that will invest in America’s roads and bridges and put men and women to work.

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