Free Download of Tom Morello's "Union Town"

Laborers Union members are peacefully defending their rights in states all across the US, including here in Minnesota, and they’re all up against GOP underhanded tactics pushing through dangerous bills. Over the past two weeks, Laborers have been coming legislative hearings for bills that would reduce the pay of construction workers on state funded projects. While our union brothers and sisters in each state face their own battles for saving workers rights, they all share in the belief that ending fundamental rights to organize does not balance budgets. According to the AFL-CIONOW BLOG,

Singer Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine has always been a strong supporter of working people. Morello was so inspired after taking part in a demonstration and headlining  a concertin February for the protesters at the state Capitol in Madison, Wis., that he wrote what he calls “fighting songs.”

Not only did he write and record the songs, he’s donating the proceeds of the new eight-song extended play (EP) “Union Town” to help working people. 

Click on the video above to listen to the song and then click below to download the song to your computer.


Minnesota House Committee Votes To Cut Construction Worker Pay

This past Tuesday, the Minnesota House Commerce Committee passed HF 1476, a bill that would make sweeping changes to prevailing wage rules and would drive down wages for construction workers, end overtime pay after 8 hours of work and hurt working families. The vote was close. Please send a thank you to the Representatives who voted against the bill. 

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Laborers District Council Issues Call to Action to Save Prevailing Wages

The fight for good jobs at the state Capitol is heating up! On Tuesday, April 26th, the Commerce and Regulatory Reform Committee of the Minnesota House of Representatives will have a hearing on House File 1476 (HF1476). The bill would change the calculation of prevailing wages from the mode (most frequently occurring wage) to the mean (average wage) and changes the prevailing hours of work from 8 hours in a work day at straight time to 40 hours in a work week at straight time.

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Laborers Praise Governor Dayton's New Job Creating Executive Orders

The Laborers District Council of MN & ND today praised Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton for issuing three executive orders late last week that create a comprehensive energy conservation and sustainability action plan for state government, with a goal of generating millions in budget savings and creating thousands of new jobs.


"We are grateful for Governor Dayton's leadership in proposing this job creating measure which is a Win, Win, Win for Minnesota. This executive order will create thousands of Minnesota construction jobs, make state buildings more energy efficient and cost effective and stimulate green manufacturing in Minnesota all without increasing the state budget or reducing its bonding capacity," said Todd Pufahl, Legislative Director for the Laborers District Council.

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MNDOT Announces $900 Million in Projects for 2011

On Wednesday, the Minnesota Department of Transportation announced their construction program for 2011. The program, worth $900,000,000 will "increase safety, improve mobility, extend capacity and preserve infrastructure statewide," according to a department press release.

“Minnesota’s transportation system is a vital part of the state’s infrastructure and is essential for a strong and vibrant state economy,” said Governor Mark Dayton. “These projects will support thousands of jobs in Minnesota, from the construction workers directly working on the projects to others who work in the support industries for construction.” 


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Laborers Launch New Website and Blog

The Laborers District Council of MN & ND launched a new website and blog today. The new website is designed to keep members and signatory contractors up to date on the latest happenings with the Laborers Union. "We wanted a website that would not only be an information resource for our members and contractors, but would also be a dynamic source of information about the latest news in our industries," said Russell Hess, Political Coordinator for the Laborers District Council.

"The Hod and Laser" is the new blog focusing on news and information of interest to Laborers and the broader construction industry. "The name reflects both the past and future of our trade," said Russell Hess, the primary author of the new blog. "Most people don't realize it, but there is more to being a construction laborer than just doing the grunt work. Our trade is becoming more and more reliant on high tech tools to do the work we used brute force on in the past."

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